1. Videos

    Building a Lifestyle Brand & Its Culture, A Conversation with Peter Kim - CEO Hudson Jeans & Jennifer Margolin - Founder, Innovation Summit

    Evolving Digital Landscapes: Media & Publishing - Raman Kia, Conde Nast

    Video, Transmedia, & Branded Content: Shauna Mei - AhaLife, Michael Litt - VidYard, Mike Kaney - Rockbridge Productions, Jeremy Reither - R3R

    Gamification - Basil Farano, Stylmee

    Digital Innovation & Design - Andre Warren

    How to Engage Fans in the Social Ecosystem:  Devon Ferreira - Disney Consumer Products, Jon Fahrner - Bumebox, Vyara Ndejuru - ALDO, Macala Wright - FMM

    A special thank you to VidYard and Rockbridge Productions.